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We have our first USA tournament this coming weekend. I'm dreading the clusters that this rule is going to cause. Coaches don't know the rule, umpires don't know the rule.

I do have a question, but maybe no one is answering questions because nobody knows...

Question - coach used a CR for F1 or F2 which was a risk based on the fact that CR might be due up to bat. Coach realizes this when there is 1 or 2 outs and now wants to insert a "pinch runner" for F1 or F2, thus removing the CR from the base so as not to take an out when she is due to bat. Allow?

Remember - An EP can be a pinch runner for anyone.

When exactly would the player that the CR is running for be declared out? Who would notify the umpire? Could the coach ask for time and state he has a "pinch runner" for the F1 or F2 that had the CR? Would the offense simply try to skip over that batter and hope it wasn't noticed?

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