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(Typical screwy FED case play...)


In the last of the seventh with two outs, the score tied and the bases loaded, B6 receives ball four to force R1 home. Because B6 assumes that the game is over, she fails to go to first and leaves the field. The ball is then held at first.

RULING: B6 is out and the run does not score. (8-6-7 Penalty; 8-3-11; 9-1-1 Exception d)

What's screwy about it is that if B6 left the field then why would you even need to make an appeal? She'd already be out. Why write a case play to clarify one point, then randomly toss in a different rule that confuses the issue?

That aside, the rules referenced are:

8-6-7: This is the rule about a runner being out on appeal for not touching a base.

8-3-11: The rule that says all awarded bases must be legally run.

9-1-1: This is the phone number you'll have to call when you call this runner out!

Not's the rule that says the run doesn't score when there are two outs and the B/R is put out before reaching first base.
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