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Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
Is it the same way in D3 basketball? If it is, the scale of meat market behavior might be less, but I could be mistaken. AFAIK, CBOA (the men's college basketball association on the east coast) uses an application process rather than a specific recruiting camp, so how are officials seen for that, and similar organizations, if they do not host tryout camps?
Iíve never heard of the CBOA but itís likely just an educational/professional organization and not one that has any assigning functions. ďAssociationĒ has many different meanings in officiating.

College games are often assigned very differently from high school (depending on which state you work high school in). Youíre not going to get a college schedule of any significance without going to camp, no matter the level. For D3, just in this thread there have been postings about the Super Camp in Richmond. Thereís also a JUCO camp discussed in this thread.
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