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Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
Interesting. Was this before he had the Big South? $495 this year per guys I know going.

Also, he and another assigner with a D2 and a D1 league in the same geographic area despise each other, so I donít think there are many officials who work for both of them. But, Iíve gotten out of that nonsense and maybe things have changed.
I went to a Forte camp a while back that was only $275; still with the same caveat of being invited back to a later camp if you caught his interest.

That other supervisor must be Mike Wood. I not sure many folks are big fans of him, from what I have heard.

I remember when the Bob Gibbons tournament (Ral-Dur-CH) was a free camp where campers were only responsible for their hotel rooms and getting to their games on time. I went there twice. Both years I worked with an official who got picked up by the NBA the following season (Eric Lewis/David Guthrie).
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