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Joe Forte Camp in Suwannee, GA:

Joe has one D2 and one D1 conference. It’s been a few years, but to me it was a ripoff. First of all it’s expensive and there’s no food or lodging included ($500 I think was what I paid for just the camp). There are a ton of campers (over 100) and not a commensurate number of courts so you don’t get enough games. I did a game with no clinicians on my court. If Joe likes you, you’re going to get asked to go to a second camp later that summer and pay more money, and you still might not get picked up, so you come back next summer and pay for two more camps again.

That being said, I know some people who have had a great experience at this camp and work lots of games for Joe, so take my criticism for what it’s worth. But to me, this camp epitomizes the racket of the college camp system.
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