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Originally Posted by scrounge View Post
Why on earth would you care who a player plays catch with before a game? During? Ok, I can see that, especially a school game. But before?

I will admit it one of my pet peeves about softball. I feel as though of all the hs sports and I officiate baseball, basketball and soccer that high school softball has a "parks and rec" approach by administration / coaches at time. Dad will walk into the "dugout area" and show Suzie how to swing the bat. Some weekend "club" coach will give the head coach some advice during the game ( especially if coach isn't a teacher at the school).

Ever see a soccer goalie have his dad warm him up, a field hockey goalie by her mother, a dad under the basketball while Johnny jacks up 3's in the pre game???

I also on occasion have had to tell a parent he couldn't coach 1st base in a girls JV softball game. He didn't take the care and prevention course offered by our county and the background check as well.
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