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I am attending 3 camps this summer.

1. ECOA in portland. I have never been but a friend of mine went to this camp in Seattle last year and said that it was very good so we are going together in Portland coming up Memorial day weekend.

2. Verne Harris Denver camp. This is what I would call an unofficial tryout camp for a D2 conference that he assigns. This is local and I have heard good positive experiences from other who have attended.

3. Dave Hall Camp. Dave Hall has a variety of camps. He assigns a Juco league in which most of the teams are in or around Utah. He also hosts a D1 womens tryout camp for mountain west. I have never been to the tryout camp but have been working games when it is going on and this from what I have seen is a tryout camp there is little to no instruction. Been to the other instructional camps for many years. You work a lot of games throughout the three days and get feedback from a variety of people working D1 mostly WCC, Mountain west, and Pac-12.
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