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Camp Reviews/Info? Sticky?

As this is such a valuable source of officiating information I was wondering if there was any use/want in providing more in depth information about camps available. There is obviously a plethora of camps available throughout the summer catered toward different levels.

From a glance there is this resource providing a broad overview of what is available where:
I don't know the complete accuracy of this information but for the few that I have attended or am going to it seemed mostly accurate.

What I am really searching for is a more in depth review of what happens at the camp, registration requirements, who is there, what level, how many games per day, and is it a tryout of any sort. Every camp has there baseline advertisement of:
1. Work High Level Games
2. Immediate feedback from the best clinicians
3. Classroom sessions
4. Video review
5. Blah Blah Blah

There have been numerous occasions in our area where newer officials were told to go to camp. These individuals received countless email promotions and picked some based on the fancy wording. They showed up and the camp was a D1 or D2 tryout camps in which they received little to no feedback to help them improve. Is there some blame on the registrant for not understanding what they were getting into? Probably, but I think the situations should be much more clear then they are in the emails/brochure.

I attend local camps yearly and try to do at least one new out of state camp per year. It is difficult to really know what you are getting into with a camp you have never been to without speaking to someone who has actually been there. In the end we are searching for the best ways to improve and want to be in the best place to excel.

I'd be more then happy to start the review process if people would find it useful, interested to hear thoughts though.

(I did search the forum and didn't find much of this that already exists.)
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