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There is (or used to be) an ASA case play where two fielders collide trying to catch a fly ball, the ball is in the glove of one fielder, it comes off in the collision, then the other fielder grabs the glove with ball before it hits the ground. That is ruled a catch.

If your glove can fly off with the ball in it and another player can make the catch, then I'm sure you can catch your own glove in the same fashion.

I think that the confusion with the USA "catch" definition is that it seems to allude to the detached equipment rule, but it really doesn't just due to the way that it's worded. There's nothing there about the equipment becoming detached unintentionally. It only mentions "properly worn" equipment and makes no mention of intent.

Combined with that case play, I would have to say that the "catch" definition is referring to the actual detached equipment rule and that you do have to consider the fielder's intent.
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