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Originally Posted by josephrt1 View Post
Irish, I'd like to ask a very specific question related to this original post.

First, I understand and agree with you that this is not detached equipment for the reasons you say.

Second, I think the original post has a typo because the writer says the glove came off F5 and F5 caught the glove. Then the writer says F6 celebrates. Let's assume F6 has nothing to do with this play because F5 is the one who caught the glove.

So if F5 caught the glove which contains the ball, but she does not but the glove on her hand, do we need to wait to make the out call until she either 1) puts the glove on her hand properly with the ball in it, or 2) takes the ball out with her bare hand. Otherwise is this like a fielder trapping the ball against her chest and we don't have an out unless she controls the ball with the hand or glove?

Yes, as I noted, the fielder, any fielder, must take possession of the ball. That means holding and showing control of the ball (not the glove), prior to the ball touching the ground, wall, fence, offensive player, umpire, pigeon, etc. This would clearly meet the definition of a catch. And if it is a catch, in this case, it is an out.
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