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Originally Posted by john5396 View Post
So I think the rule I'm asking about is not 3.1.1 but 3.1.2.

If a pitcher is replaced while his team is on defense, the pitcher shall (complete the current at bat, paraphrase from the complete rule, please forgive me)...

When is he "replaced".

If the coach has a conference mid inning, takes the ball from the pitcher and gives it to the shortstop, when does F6 become F1 in terms of 3.1.2. In my neck of the woods, when there is just a position swap, the coach will not make a report of this change to the umpire. If previous F6 takes the rubber and starts warming up, is he required to face a batter? Or as UMPJM points out, he isn't the pitcher till the ball is placed in play. Could the coach watch old F6 warm up, decide after 5 warmup pitches that he doesn't have the "stuff" today and then give the ball to F4?

Ween does F6 become the new F1, and under 3.1.2 he is required to face one batter? When the coach hands him the ball?, When he starts throwing warmup pitches? or when warmup is complete and the umpire puts the ball in play?

So, the core of my question is, under 3.1.2, when is a pitcher "replaced"? My OP had the additional detail that the potential new pitcher was a potential unreported sub, but since ball has not been put in play, it is nothing and the coach pulled him back off the field before the ball was made live or he was reported, so that was nothing.
The core of your OP was when is S1 in the game as pitcher:

"2006 Interps:

SITUATION 18: With a runner on first and the pitcher struggling in the top of the fifth inning, S1 comes to the mound and begins to throw his warm-up pitches. His coach announces to the plate umpire the change, who marks it on his lineup card and announces to the home scorekeeper. After only four warm-up pitches, the defensive coach decides he wants a different player to pitch. The visiting coach argues that since the ball had not yet been made live, the substitution had not been made and he can change his mind. RULING: Once the umpire-in-chief has accepted the change, marked it on his lineup and announced the change, the substitution is in effect. The substitute pitcher must pitch until the batter then at bat, or any substitute for that batter, is put out or reaches first base, or until a third out has been made. Therefore, the coach cannot change his substitute pitcher until the pitching conditions have been met. The only exception to this requirement would be if the substitute pitcher became incapacitated or guilty of flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct. If there had been no announcement of the substitution, the unreported substitution would be considered to have been made when the pitcher took his place on the pitcher’s plate and the ball was made live. (3-1-1, 3-1-2)"

I think a position swap among players in the game would be governed by when the PU noted the change on his card and announced it. Most of us would be leaving a couple of balls with the catcher and getting with the coach about what was happening. The announcement of that would probably be a point to the new pitcher while getting the attention of the offense who probably already know what is going on.
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