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When I started officiating varsity hoops 7 or 8 years ago and decided showering after every single/double header was something I wanted to do, I was surprised to find out how many locker room shower areas/stalls have been converted to storage areas for the athletic departments outdated equipment, and misc items.

I've got to believe it's because of years of no use.

Originally Posted by BigT View Post
I was teased in HS in the 80s didnt enjoy showering. At some point I know they stopped using the showers in HS. I am betting it was from sexually charged inappropriate behavior. We live in a sexually charged country and I can imagine the youth and what started happening in showers between the 80s and now wasnt good. When they stopped showering it became the norm since everyone has kids I am sure folks got used to it in public. Year round allergies prevent me from smelling much. I wonder if I am immune. I bet if you talk to a teenager today and get to the truth thats the real reason they dont shower any more.
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