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Originally Posted by youngump View Post
How good would a field have to be for you tell the difference between the foot being a 64th of inch over the pitching plate and being behind it by a 64th of an inch? I don't think I could tell that from 6 feet away on a permanent turf field and I have 20/15 vision.
I do not agree. It's VERY easy to see if that foot is on top of the plate. If you cannot see it from behind the plate, the FU should have an easy bird's eye view of it from the side. Call it. I saw this very thing happen just a few nights ago. The pitcher's heal was just barely touching the front vertical surface of the mound at the beginning of her windup. By the time she delivered her pitch, that foot was easily 8 or 10 inches off the mound with her toe driving down hard in the dirt. I was coaching 1st and quietly mentioned it to the field umpire who did nothing.
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