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I also found the best behaved coaches were at D2 then D3 and then JC in that order. They also held their players to higher standards and they also were much better at accepting a 'mea culpa' when I messed up.

Some would just be hot-heads, and I've only tossed one coach out EVER, and that was at the D2 level. But he earned it with his behavior and tantrums and how he talked to us as a crew. A guy I worked with in my next game said he never had a problem with the guy and thought his behavior was just "overly" emotional and not a big deal to him. But as a whole college coaches will talk to officials a lot more and we talk back. But it's rare that they cross the line, and when they do they are dealt with and they know it.

At the D1 level it's mostly egos and the good coaches know when they earned a T. They may not like it but they know why they got it. They will still try and justify it. At the HS level, good luck with that.
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