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Originally Posted by deecee View Post
After a couple years doing NCAA I called it quits, HS too. Just don't have the time or energy. Our assignor has a 0 tolerance for taunting behavior and after seeing a couple veteran D1 guys make similar calls I adopted the philosophy. It actually made games easier to work. Coaches would never argue a T for a taunt after a block. Especially in most cases the players aren't exactly quiet about it.
I'm with you. Taunting is automatic for me. You let this action go and the other team does it, now you have to let that go, too. Now you've let two taunting actions go unpenalized, and that's supposed to be good for the game?

I don't understand why people act like college officials are universally expected to have a longer rope for unsporting behavior. Sure, that might be the case sometimes. But in my opinion college officials are FAR more willing to penalize poor sportsmanship than high school officials as a whole.

High school players and coaches get away with way more crap than their college counterparts for a multitude of reasons, one of those being that high school officials and assigners are too scared to crack down on it and some make every excuse in the book for not calling Ts. And yes, college officials and assigners can be guilty of that, too, but to a much lesser extent from what I know.
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