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Originally Posted by deecee View Post
Even if they don't use the F word, after a block saying "get that out of here" is an auto T for taunting in my book. It's way quicker than saying "knock it off" and it won't escalate at all.

Not to get political but I would be sad if I was accused of supporting that dude.

If I remember correctly you have stated in the past you had some desire to move up, if so you will have to change your thought process on the above being a T. I've had 6'8" guys in D1 and D2 games block shots from guys that are 5'10" and say the above phrase. I told that big fella, "Damn the dude is 5' 10", its not like you blocked Draymond Green" and smiled. Most guys get it laugh and say my bad. Humor goes a long way with things like that. And trust me supervisors can tell that you can diffuse situations.

But to flat out give a technical foul for that....that may be a tough sell to the coach / supervisor.
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