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That's All I Can Stands ...

... I can't stands no more. (Popeye)

I watch CNN while working out at the gym and I've seen this commercial dozens of times.

It's a commercial for Humira. A woman realizes that although she's trying to manage her ulcerative colitis, her fear of reoccurring symptoms means she's missing out on special family moments. At her son's basketball game, she's distracted by her discomfort and must step out, just before her son makes a three pointer.

I want to scream every time I see it.

1) Son, and a his teammates, are wearing red jerseys with the name of their school, "Central", on the front of the jersey. The son, and a few of his teammates, are wearing white undershirts under their red jerseys.

2) Immediately after the game, the son, still wearing his sweaty, dirty, game worn uniform, is standing in line, with his dad, at the salad bar of a restaurant, getting ready to enjoy a post game meal with his family.

Don't kids learn proper hygiene any more? Back when I was his age, after our games, and practices, all of us would shower, and put on our street clothes. I would never even consider wearing my smelly uniform, or dirty practice stuff, outside the gym, especially to a public place like a restaurant.

I hope that the family sitting next to them at the restaurant brought some Lysol, or Febreze, with them.

Now I feel better. Would someone please help me down from this soapbox before I fall and get hurt? After this I'm going to yell at some kids to get off of my front lawn.
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