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USA: batting position

Rule 7.3.a
Prior to the pitch, the batter must have both feet completely within the lines of the batter's box. The batter may touch the lines, but no part of the foot maybe outside the lines prior to the pitch.

When a batter leaves the batter's box and returns to the box and makes contact with the ball.
Effect: ball dead, batter out, runners return...

This subject came up during a review of the USA Umpire's Exam. There was a question about a batter contacting a ball with a foot partially out of the batter's box. While related, it's not specific to the discussion that followed.

In Rule 7.3.a, there is no effect or penalty given if the batter has not complied.

I understand that in most cases, fields don't have drawn out boxes, and it's not a scab I'd pick in a game situation. However, I'm curious as to what should be called if the batter violates and/or refuses to comply. A strike? Batter required to hit pitched ball to violate? An out?

Thanx for discussion.
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