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Originally Posted by jmkupka View Post
Cannot believe I missed this exception in the rulebook. Likely renders much of this discussion moot.

NCAA 9.5.7 An obstructed runner may not be called out between the two bases where she was obstructed unless one of the following occurs.

(all the other previously discussed exceptions are listed, then) The umpire determines the runner is clearly beaten by the throw.

Can someone please tell me how I'd reconcile this exception to an OC? A runner who is obstructed rounding the base could very likely be put out by a mile at the next bag. How can the rule itself even exist with this exception in place?

Please tell me I'm missing something blatantly apparent here...
Are you saying that overrides the umpire judgement of which base the runner would have reached w/o OBS?

Even though I don't need NCAA rulings.
Officiating takes more than OJT.
It's not our jobs to invent rulings to fit our personal idea of what should and should not be.
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