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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
You remember the person that told you that is not from my state and it is not a high school situation that is a college one. And they did not say "You can't work high school...." according to Rich, they said, "You cannot work girls games." That is a difference on some level to me. College staffs are much smaller than and there are many people trying to get in, so if you are unwilling to do things that supervisor wants, they will get someone else. College staffs are much more selective based on many things. And there is not a shortage for college officials to cover games.

I have interviewed recently for positions after a move in my industry and there are companies that say "You cannot do....anymore" and they are not a W2 job. So there are demands they can make, but some are not reasonable. And since no one is getting rich off of working high school games, I can assume that this is one of the things that would get in the way of keeping people if they complain about things like "politics."

Why would a men's college staff at the DIII level insist that its members not work girls high school games, or vice versa? Do the college assigners think that by having their members work girls high school games that these members will want to compete with them and join the women's staff of the same conferences? Do some college assigners insist that their officials work no high school games for the same reason, to reduce competition? Or is there a different reason for these bans?
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