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Originally Posted by Matt S. View Post
Not sure what your definition of 'better' is.

One thing to bear in mind is that the caliber of D2/D3 ball will vary greatly based on where you're located. I worked D3 (women's) in New England... there were 8 conferences in my region, and over 50 D3 schools within an hour's drive of my house.

Now, I'm in the Midwest, there are four leagues in which I work...and the caliber of play is generally much stronger. I disagree with the 'bodies on the floor on every play' statement. Sure, the lower-tier schools in a couple of the conferences aren't super talented but it's not like every game is a trainwreck.

The men's games I've watched (because there are doubleheaders on weekends and some weeknights) are typically up and down, lots of possessions, some more successful than clue what it's like to work them - but the coaches are typically much more animated, from what I've seen.

It's a personal preference and I encourage you to find a mentor or two to help you with your journey.
Incorrect Call said: "Unless you are working in majors (and MAYBE some mid-majors), the level of play in women's basketball is just not great. And if you are working DII or below, it's bodies all over the floor every single play, and high pitched screams the entire game after every made basket."

I wanted to clarify if he meant that lower-level men's basketball (JUCO/NAIA/DIII/DII) has a higher level of play (more scoring, more disciplined defensive play, fewer fouls) than comparable women's basketball.

What made you want to choose NCAAW basketball over NCAAM basketball? Is it because you never did IAABO ball in MA (Girls are non-IAABO there, unless I am mistaken), you found mentors that led you into women's collegiate basketball, or is there another reason?
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