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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
I am not saying so much you, but the places that are doing these doubleheaders probably are having those issues. I know just trying to get to a game earlier in the day with work and other family obligations it is hard enough to do one game, but two?

And again, people are going to ultimately make choices of things they wish to do. Yes maybe not a problem at the varsity level and we do not have a shortage in this area either right now. It might be a problem down the road if you tell people what they have to do to work for what we get paid at the high school level. I think we focus so much on why officials would not work high school games because of sportsmanship or pay, but this to me also annoys officials as they have other obligations. I am personally exhausted working more than 4 days a week during the season and certainly do not like it when I have to work things I choose to not want to do.

I have had some crews burn bridges by telling me they will only do boys and then getting angry when I say that I might not have anything for them then. Others have earned that, but when people working 4-5 years try to tell me that's what they're doing, I wish them luck.

My point was and is this -- just cause someone's an IC and wants to line up their schedule a certain way doesn't mean I'm obligated to fulfill those desires.

We're a small school conference and some people avoid us for that reason -- then again, we pay more than just about every conference in the area and I have no shortage of people who want to work varsity contests.

Desire to work for us will usually trump ability if the better official is high maintenance.
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