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Originally Posted by Pantherdreams View Post
I agree coaches generally get more leeway than players. ie. I'm not going to have players disagreeing with calls vocally and visibly, where as in the heat of the moment I may not hear or notice a coach OR choose to put blinders on if its not ongoing or over the top.

In this case I just don't see it as player vs coach rope. I've got a participant who is gesturing their frustration visibly for the crowd so I get that: T. I've then got a coach running down the sideline visibly gesturing their frustration to the crowd while announcing to the crowd, my crew and the international viewing audience that my call is bu11 shi# repeatedly. IMO coach is well past 30 Shade's of Grey threshold (rope and blinders are put away) and that should be a T every time.
We all have the lines that we wish not to be crossed. It is possible that this would not even bring any attention to the officials considering where they are as it would others. You might just have a different line of demarcation. I did not see anything the coach did that was over the top. I expect a certain level of reaction to a play, but how long does it go or what is said? I have no idea what the coach said. I know a few years ago when they got to the title game against UConn, the Louisville coach got a T for complaining. So I am going to assume he did not go too far in the minds of the officials or he was so far away they were not paying that much attention at the moment. But a player slamming onto the floor in disgust is quite different.

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