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I agree coaches generally get more leeway than players. ie. I'm not going to have players disagreeing with calls vocally and visibly, where as in the heat of the moment I may not hear or notice a coach OR choose to put blinders on if its not ongoing or over the top.

In this case I just don't see it as player vs coach rope. I've got a participant who is gesturing their frustration visibly for the crowd so I get that: T. I've then got a coach running down the sideline visibly gesturing their frustration to the crowd while announcing to the crowd, my crew and the international viewing audience that my call is bu11 shi# repeatedly. IMO coach is well past 30 Shade's of Grey threshold (rope and blinders are put away) and that should be a T every time.
Coach: Hey ref I'll make sure you can get out of here right after the game!

Me: Thanks, but why the big rush.

Coach: Oh I thought you must have a big date . . .we're not the only ones your planning on F$%&ing tonite are we!
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