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Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
My "insane" comment was more of just a general reference to JUCO/NAIA/D-3 assigners thinking way more highly of themselves and their sub-$200 games than they ought to.

I agree with you that there will always be officials willing to do whatever it takes to get "prestigious" games. Most college assigners don't need every official on their roster. But if a sub-D2 assigner down here tried that "you can't work high school" nonsense down here, it just wouldn't fly. If you're not working anything above D-3 basketball, to me it wouldn't be worth it to give up high school ball (which would mean giving up girls and boys down here) to drive significantly further for empty gyms and not a ton of money, and I bet a lot of sub-D2 officials I know would feel the same way.
The comment was about girl's basketball only. I know many officials that see the tea-leaves and they give up things based on their personal lives and personal goals. In the three states I mentioned, there is a lot of competition to work D3 and D2, let alone NAIA and JUCO. Officials have to figure out how to manage all those schedules. And even boy's high school can go if the person is in the right situation. And in this area, not all games are incredibly far away either. More schools and more opportunities to work college ball. But also a one-game check in college is significantly bigger than any high school check and you might travel farther in some cases.

Again it is at the end it is about your personal goals. Not everyone is trying to be a State Final official. There was an official that just worked the 4A State Finals in my state that said he was not taking any more high school playoffs because of the college opportunities that he has had to turn down to work the State Playoffs. And maybe when you take away choices of people, you eliminate who officiates at the high school level.

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