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Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
Insane how low-level college supervisors often like to act like they’re assigning games with 4-figure checks.

That wouldn’t fly in the southeast where working G/B doubleheaders is the norm and not optional in many states (GA, SC, and NC for sure). No low-level college assigner worth his salt would try that without getting backlash.
Well that might be something that is local too. In the conferences I work, we are not explicitely told to stop doing anything like that, but it is understood if you want to continue to work Men's college, you might have to give something up on the back end. And if you don't, then they will find someone else that will. One of my conferences tell guys he does not want them doing a high school game before his college games. Again if you do not comply, he will find someone else.

Rich lives in Wisconsin and I am sure he gets guys that work in the same conferneces that are in my area that have teams in both Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. Neither of these states have this doubleheader mess that is in other parts of the country. So it is not quite insane, it is a choice. And again, they have people that will gladly comply with that request and do not like doing girl's basketball at all anyway. It is not a hard decision.

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