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Originally Posted by IncorrectCall View Post
Unless you are working in majors (and MAYBE some mid-majors), the level of play in women's basketball is just not great. And if you are working DII or below, it's bodies all over the floor every single play, and high pitched screams the entire game after every made basket.
I began my officiating career with a female friend who advanced in the college ranks well before I did. She was working multiple lower division conferences and one mid-Major HBCU D1 conference and working conference tournaments. She got picked up in another mid-Major that paid more than the HBCU D1 but told me she was bored working those games b/c those games just weren't that good and those was no excitement generated by the fans.

Additionally, she quit working HS ball b/c our commissioner refused to use her in BV games. She was a protégé of Taiqua Stewart (whom I mentioned earlier) and more than capable of working BV games.
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