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I agree that a certain level of judgment has been taken out of the womens' and now, the mens side had adopted it because of one simple, ridiculous theory that the NCAA feels - and that is, they believe that us calling more fouls on freedom of movement, multiple touches above the FT line extended, will somehow, enhance scoring. . .

I've said this for years and years now, the major fundamental flaw in the rules for college basketball is that they have committees that consist of coaches only who make these rules up. . .that in and of itself, lends to where you see these what the majority of officials determine, are contact that doesn't create any disadvantage at all, to having to be called now. . .

I feel that the rules committees should consist of coaches, but also, former officials or current/former supervisors, and also, athletic directors, so that way, there's more diversity and common sense from all phases of the game being discussed and possibly, implemented. . .
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