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Originally Posted by walt View Post
To me this is two players who get to the same spot at the same time. It is not a block charge play. To me they come together legally at the same spot from two different positions and angles. If both get to that spot legally, there can be a collision with no foul. I do not have the defender moving into the offensive player. I have her moving perpendicularly towards the endline. The offensive player is headed to the basket. I understand you have the defender doing something wrong where I have two players in equal positions getting to the same spot at the same time from different positions and that is why I am ok with the no call. Both C and T were looking right at it and trail, while farther away, had an open look as well. Like I said, if it is part of the video, or if it makes the rounds at camps this summer, it will be interesting to see how the big dogs and coordinators see it.
So, you'll let a defender collide with a shooter because they came from "equal" positions? If so, and I apologize if this sounds too critical, your whole understanding of the rule is just fundamentally flawed. They are not in equal has the ball and that changes everything, guarding rules apply and there is nothing in guarding about equal positions. The equal positions concept has to do with players getting to a ball.
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