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Originally Posted by sp279 View Post
No reason for rants, guys. It was just a question like one of you said, seems to always come up. Tired of hearing from my same local group so that's why I expanded it out to you'all.
Just a friendly follow up. Remember your local people may still be wrong (but your chapter guy is pretty good).

The odd part is people seem to take rules of things that happen at the plate more with more vigor.
It should be called the same anywhere on the field. That's why I said in my first reply about not thinking about the plate or any particular base.

I know (and agree it's obstruction), but the same people that would call it that way at home DON'T call it that way in the field, i.e.- runner plasters a 2nd baseman about to field a grounder. To me there is no difference.
The fielder has the "rights" to field a ground ball. The fielder's rights are violated by the runner. This is interference. Period.

You are allowed to alter your base running to avoid interfering with a fielder making a play. The same applies at home. Just because it's in the field rather then at home where it could affect a run should not change the way it's called. Just sayin'...
The base runner must yield to the defense who is fielding a batted ball, that's the fielder's right. Same if the catcher has possession. That's why I use the rules for interference/obstruction without stating a base or location on the field.
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