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Originally Posted by Referee24.7 View Post
I'm with Arem on this - after watching the play like 70-80 times, the simple question comes down to what took the player to the floor, and it was the contact, and was the contact legal or illegal?

To the point of the no-call, the worst thing that could happen on that its a tie ballgame, you let the players decide it, and you go into OT, which is what they did. . .
But they didn't let the players decide. They decided based on the no call. If they shoot free throws, miss both, the game goes into OT, then it is decided by the players.

Why is a "no call" letting the players decide the game? The defensive player, IMO, was not in legal guarding position and contacts the shooter in the act. Not calling or calling a foul on that play is making a decision which aids in the result of the game's outcome.
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