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IAABO Pregame Card ...

Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
I don't know what most do and I don't know what omissions are in the chart. But if someone only does HS and wants to know what may be different concerning a particular rule, the chart is a pretty reliable place to start.
IAABO members get a pregame card every year, and it has the NFHS/NCAAM/NCAAW rule differences on it.

It's the only part of the card I pay any attention to.

If I used the card to run my pregame, it would take a considerable amount of time (it's a very long list) and my partner would throw me under the team bus on our way out the door after out game.

Here's the image from the 2017-18 High School Basketball Rules Simplified & Illustrated, note the proper NFHS technique required of the thrower. I believe that IAABO requires the same technique.

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