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Preaching To The Choir ...

Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
I've been refereeing long enough to see my share of rule changes. And I have to keep up with rule changes at the NCAA level and the high school level. The number one reason people get rules confused that have changed is because they don't take the time to stick with what's current.
Amen. I know guys that haven't opened up a rulebook, or casebook, in years.

Observed two veteran junior varsity officials, both whom have worked varsity games. End of fourth period, tied game, act of shooting foul called with 0:00:00 on clock, and horn sounding. They line up players on the free throw lanes. Free throw shooter makes the first free throw to win the game. Officials have her attempt the second free throw, still with players lined up on the free throw lanes. Do two wrongs make a right? Have they opened up a rulebook since the twentieth century?

Regarding Raymond's statement about "keep(ing) up with rule changes at the NCAA level and the high school level", God bless you Raymond. To quote Rudyard Kipling, "You're a better man than I am ...", and I'm not being sarcastic, I don't believe that I could master both rules sets, certainly not NFHS and both NCAA gender rule sets.
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