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Slapping The Backboard ...

Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
Goaltending or Basket Interference now involves the backboard touching, regardless of if the ball is touched or the assumption that the basket would not go in, is not a hard rule to know does not apply to high school basketball.
Observed one of our best high school guys, also a budding NCAA guy, almost screw up a slapping the backboard call. Simple high school slap the backboard after trying to block a shot situation. One of his partners, the trail, ignored the play, correct by high school rules. The official in question was the lead and didn't see the call. The trail asked my opinion, as an observer, at halftime, and I backed him. The lead started asking questions about possibly counting the basket based on the exact timing of the backboard slap, but I stopped him with, "I believe you're confusing this play with the college rule". I couldn't fully explain the college rule, but I knew there was a different rule. (Good thing he wasn't the trail.)

If that's the basic knowledge that you guys are talking about, then sure, I agree with you. If you expect me to know all the specific ins and outs of all the NFHS/NCAAM/NCAAW rule differences, i.e. know the college rules as well as I know the high school rules, then I will disagree with you.

Also, almost everything I know about NFHS/NCAAM/NCAAW rule differences (with the exception of the chart in the NFHS manual, IAABO manual, and IAABO pregame card) I learned here on the Forum, not by reading Referee magazine (I don't subscribe), not by watching a lot of college ball on television (not a big fan), and not by reading college rule publications. Thanks Forum.

Private prep schools in Connecticut use a hybrid version of NFHS and NCAA rules. We get a statewide handout every year detailing the important differences. For many years the girls rules had included a three feet closely guarded rule. For the past several years, private prep school coaches, and athletic directors, just rubber stamped the handout, not paying much attention to it. After remembering some posts on the Forum about the rule, this past season I asked my IAABO state interpreter to change three feet to six feet to once again match the NCAA rules. Private prep school coaches, and athletic directors, and high school officials, including guys who also worked womens college games, didn't seem to know, or care, that the rule changed. I cared, and the handout was changed, thanks Forum.
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