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Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
It's more relevant to know the differences in rules between the different levels of play now, as opposed to knowing what a rule was 35 years ago in a particular ruleset.
I can tell that you haven't been around for almost a half century. I know some officials, including some very good officials, that will say that the backboard didn't vibrate enough to call a technical foul. Or that a headband in a school color is legal. I once observed a junior varsity official put up three minutes for overtime, until he was corrected by his partner. Or, go to the arrow after every double foul. All of these were once correct. We all should certainly be able to block out all the rules of the past, and just concentrate on the rules of the present, but it's easier said than done. I've always said, and maintained, that it's easy to learn the rules, it's harder to keep up with the rule changes, and the longer one officiates, the harder it gets.
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