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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Agree, but is it necessary to know all the specific permutations and specific changes of the five second rule in both mens and womens NCAA rules that have occurred over the past ten years?
No. That is not what anyone said to you. You do not have to know the specific application, but if you know Goaltending or Basket Interference now involves the backboard touching, regardless of if the ball is touched or the assumption that the basket would not go in, is not a hard rule to know does not apply to high school basketball. And if closely guarded does not apply at the college ranks when the ball handler is dribbling, you telling me it is hard to communicate that fact? All the communicating you do on this site you cannot figure out that is not an NF rule?

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
I did had some basic knowledge of these differences, but I did learn something new today from this thread. As a 100% high school official, is it bad that I learned something new about college rules today from an internet forum? Or should I have already known this?
No one is asking you to be an expert, but come on now. Again if we do it in football where the differences are much bigger and much more detailed, I think a "Student of the Game" and figure out what we see on TV does not apply to most of our games.

This attitude to me is the problem of why we have a high school crew in football not even realize that a college situation took place happened to them later that year. To me, if you are a student of the game you can learn from many areas what applies on TV might not be different or might be a different application of their rules.

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