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Originally Posted by AremRed View Post
Last nights assignments means Terry Wymer, Jeff Anderson, and Doug Sirmons on the title game.

First title game for Jeff Anderson and Doug Sirmons. Doug is working his 3rd FF after missing 2016, Jeff his second and second in a row. Terry Wymer is working his second title game in three years. He had Villanova's buzzer-beating win in 2016 but missed the interim year.

Jeff Anderson: had Villanova 3 times this season, Michigan 0 times
Doug Sirmons: had Villanova 2 times this season, Michigan 0 times
Terry Wymer: had Villanova 0 times this season, Michigan 7 times

I guess Rick Boyages doesn't care much about overexposure for his referees, he assigned Wymer to 5 regular season games involving Michigan. And that wasn't even his most popular team. Wymer worked Indiana 8 times this year and all were reg season games.
Major college is not high school. Individuals at that level are under more scrutiny and held to a level of accountability that none of us are held to. They can work a with a team several times when that is one of their major conferences and no one says a word. Mainly because if a coach makes a claim, the conference supervisor and addresses the situation directly and quickly.

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