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Originally Posted by IRISHMAFIA View Post
Hell, anyone who can read a rule book knows that.
Apparently not because the vast majority of respondents insisted the obstruction was cancelled as soon as the runner returned to the base. Several posters claiming to be UIC's said the same thing, my rules interpreter said it was cancelled and I'm not going to put any name to it, but while he did refuse to send it on to national he did send it to a fairly well known person who also agreed that the exception did not apply because there were no runners on base to make a play on.

Some people were still arguing it even after national issued their ruling. I have no idea how you can continue to argue something after national tells you what the correct ruling is. One comment was he didn't care what national said, he was going to continue to call it how he interpreted the rule because he knew what the "intent" of the rule was. Always love that comment about knowing the intent of the rule, was not aware there were so many authors of the rules.
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