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Originally Posted by Andy View Post

What is it going to take to get proper interpretations and consistent enforcement of the Obstruction rule out there? (rhetrulesorical)
Rhetorical, yet I still have a response, go figure!

Speaking of USA Softball, but the general idea should apply to all associations.

A) All State/Metro UICs should attend the UIC Clinic.
B) All State/Metro UICs should converse regularly with their RUIC
C) State/Metro UICs should make every effort to convey USA mechanics, rules and interpretations as directed and use his/her deputy UICs to be his/her voice.
D) Even if there are differences the UICs may have with any of the rules or mechanics, their job is to teach and support the USA system.
E) Those tasked at any level with teaching this information from a local rules interpreter to a Deputy Directors should all be on the same page.
F) Anyone who cannot accommodate these points should probably refrain from accepting any of the positions noted.

As an aside, in the 90's I felt I could walk onto any field and comfortably work a game with any other ASA umpire

About midway through my second game of a national in Lakeland, FL a coach from some state in the North came up to me between innings and told me how grateful he was to finally get a tournament with FL umpires so he knew every game would be umpired the same. He said we all must be from the same area since we were working a good game and barely speaking to each other. I sort of snickered and told him we were all from different states and had only met for the first time a few hours earlier. I don't think he believed me, but IMO that was a testament to the success of the ASA umpire program.
The bat issue in softball is as much about liability, insurance and litigation as it is about competition, inflated egos and softball.
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