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Editorial (rant) comment.....

Every season, I seem to see the same questions/comments on obstruction (NCAA Rules excluded)

Some of you are in the FB groups for the various umpire groups and it continues to amaze and disappoint me how many umpires still think that:

1. Obstruction only protects the runner to the next base, period.
2. The runner has to try for the next base in order to be protected and/or awarded that base.
3. If a fielder is going after an errant throw and contacts the base runner, it's just a wreck because "she is doing what she's supposed to be doing"
4. You wait until the entire play is over and then figure out where the runner should end up.

What is it going to take to get proper interpretations and consistent enforcement of the Obstruction rule out there? (rhetorical)

/rant off.....
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