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I'm saying two things, I think.

(1) I don't have a "default" on 50/50 plays: eg, reacting in real time, I see a charge or I see a block. In my mind, I don't "think" I see a block--I see a block.

(2) I focus on my perception of the play in front of me--eg, did the defender have LGP, did he move laterally or forward--not on externals like score.

I'm aware of the score and time, who the dominant players are, who may be in foul trouble, but I don't use those factors in making calls--not consciously, anyway.

Maybe what I'm saying is I always have an idea of what to call--although I may be wrong! In my work life, we used to say about judges, "Often wrong, never in doubt!" I'm also reminded of the famous Bill Klem quote, "It ain't nothin' until I call it."

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