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All this whining about reply time annoys me. We debate it as though this is a major problem, but we tend to forget that it is March and so it might take a little longer to be sure when there's a team that's going home. I'm ok with that. I think improvement can be made in the availability and utility of video feeds provided to the officials. But to put a time limit on situations like these is absurd. The OP play was very, very close, and indeed it turned out there was only one definitive angle out of the many provided. And it probably would not have been definitive if not for its high resolution. In the end, they got the call right. So tell me why we're arguing about this?

On a side note, in real time, I'd make the call the L did 100 times out of 100. When there's a poke, and the ball goes OOB, it is virtually impossible to do anything other than assume the poker was the last to touch. Glances off of fingertips 0.02 seconds later are nearly impossible for the human eye to discern.

Since it was brought up, regarding the contentious block/charge that went block against Duke, I thought it was a great call.
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