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I am going to say this bluntly. Considering how many Black players are on the floor during games at this level, there should be no questioning of who Black is in those situations. It is still extremely rare to see 3 Black officials ever work a D1 game outside of HBCU conferences. And when they do it is so rare that it is highlighted. When three white guys are working a D1 game where most of the players are Black, do we say, "They got there because of their race"? Nope.

I remember when Kentucky played Indiana in Bloomington some years ago and I was an FB friend of one of the officials. I sent him a text in shock and asked, "They put three Black guys on that game?" He even said to me, "I know right." It amazes me that Blacks can dominate this game in all areas but for some reason when the officials get to a certain level we have to somehow qualify why they are there.

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