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Originally Posted by Kansas Ref View Post
I like how you phrased the capturing of the event you wrote: "catch/turn/surprise/travel". Yes I have seen this in my NF games, now I have a way of phrasing it to inquisitors. Thanks!
So I gather from the context of your remark that top level D1 refs do not see this "catch/turn/surprise/travel" as much as an NF ref would see it; therefore, it makes them less prone to recognize/identify & call this violation. I am solely an NF level ref (and honestly have no desire to be anything but an NF level ref), so I don't have a reference point for upper level collegiate reffing, but nevertheless the gall of announcer to say and pile-on about "missing an obvious travel" disturbed me. Just sayin....
It was an obvious travel, without the slow motion replay.

The very final play of the game was a great execution of a jump stop to avoid being fouled.

In the KSU game, in the last 4 minutes, the KSU PG executed a legal jump stop, but then was allowed to pivot and kick the ball out for a big 3 point shot.
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