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Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post
I was sober in my living room and didn't see it from the long angle view in real time. I can understand missing this when everyone and their brother knows what the defense is trying to do. Look for foul. See foul. Call foul as quickly as possible. Any travel short of dramatic and obvious in that situation probably isn't going to get noticed. Not to mention the gumption needed to make that call. If you're wrong, the consequences are astronomical and career-defining.

That said, it probably wouldn't hurt me to add "catch/turn/surprise/travel" to my vernacular. That's not a bad way to frame plays like that. I like it!
Maybe I'm in tune with this cause I see it get missed often -- live and on film. The defender is punished for "being there" -- and since there's no time/distance factor when it comes to a player with the ball, I hate seeing someone get punished for playing smart defense.
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