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Originally Posted by Kansas Ref View Post
I agree, the entire game could be used as a 'case study' for how a crew can anticipate that a certain style of play will occur and then officiate to that expectation--[i.e., preconceived notions].
I was confused momentarily on that block/charge call that you cited: After the made basket by the Kentucky player, the L gave a signal of a " closed fist that was accompanied by a horizontal back-n-forth motion with his arm".
Was that not typically the "signal'' used by many refs to indicate that the basket was 'good' and we're shooting 1 FT? That event did give me a moment of pause because I was looking for the classical PC signal: with "palm behind head" and followed by a "directionality" indicator. When I [and ostensibly the announcers] did not see this classical sequence of signals, then it did cause momentary confusion to both players, headcoaches, and viewers. Just sayin...

And this one final comment before I step down from my soapbox: I Hated it on the Loyahla Chicago vs Nevada game, when at about the 1.8second point the Loyola player recv'd the pass, turned and then got collided on by the Nev player. Then the announcers--after reviewing multiple replays ins super slo-mo come and say: "ohhhh the refs missed a clear and obvious travel violation". As if they could've done better..sheesh! I never was a fan of chris webber anyway
I was in a bar half paying attention and immediately said "travel" when that happened.

I contend that a HS official sees that more -- the catch/turn/surprise/travel -- than those top D1 guys do.
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