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Video Request: Kentucky vs. Kansas State (Sweet Sixteen)

Feel free to merge into a General Sweet 16 video thread if one is created.

CBS probably wonít release this, but worth a discussion if anyone can find it. 14:25 2nd half:

1. Block/Charge call goes PC against KY. Thoughts about the call and the Lís signaling mechanics?

2. KY gets tagged with a Class B tech of some sort. Announcers seem to think they whacked Calipari for being out of the box. Maybe thatís true (is that a Class B these days?), but the still frame CBS showed had him outside the old 28-ft box but clearly inside the new 38-ft box. Did the officials mess this up, did the still frame CBS showed not capture the right moment, or was the T for something altogether different than what the announcers thought?

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