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Originally Posted by wwsodeputy View Post
Hello all. I am a new official in SE Wisconsin(Lake Geneva area). I've done everything I need to get certified with the WIAA. If anyone on the board has experience in the dairyland, I'm interested in suggestions about getting games and gaining experience. Having refereed/umpired 18 years ago I know I have to pay my dues so to speak and work sub-varsity games but how do I go about getting those games? Are there associations that assign that level or should I introduce myself to the local AD's? How about summer leagues? Any help would be appreciated.

In Wisconsin, most games subvarsity games are assigned by ADs, although there are some who give the games to assigners to handle.

WIAA website shows AD contact information on the School Directory page. Email those folks and they will have plenty of JV and JV2 stuff for you to work.

I assign for 24 HS at the varsity level, but only a few in your neck of the woods.

Check out the Stateline Association (do a Google search) -- they might be able to give you insight on who to contact.
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