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That's super tough. The L is damned if he makes a call and damned if he doesn't. Probably a little less damned if he doesn't.

The second angle appeared to show block, but then you go back to the first angle and you don't see any movement toward the shooter at contact and we were looking almost directly perpendicular to the play. That means the defender's movement to the right must have been no more than lateral (i.e. legal).

I guess my only question is if L could have been in a better position to see the play? But that's nit-picking.

If you no-call there and the shot is missed, Black will cry block, but at the end of the day, if the ball handler tries to go through instead of up, he accepts the associated risks of that decision (including putting the game result at the discretion of an official's call or no-call). So I'm going no call here. As it turned out, ball went in, so the no call would have resulted in OT and everyone is probably satisfied. Hindsight is 20/20.
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