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Originally Posted by deecee View Post
Yes you can. I once called a T on a coach only to realize it was the a$$hat parent couple rows behind him that sounds just like him. I rescinded that pretty quickly.

As for this
Agree. Every once in a while, you just have to swallow your pride and do the right thing. Similar situation this player gets fouled and is injured by the endline. I pause, make sure the scene is safe, see coaches starting to come out to attend to the player, and I leave to report. Once done, I turn around and an adult attending to the player decides he's going to let everyone in the gym know that it's my fault the player got injured. T to the assistant coach. Except it turned out it wasn't an assistant coach. It was the player's father who had come down from the stands while I was reporting the common foul. I felt like poop. When the dust settled, I got both coaches together and told them I was rescinding the T and why. The offended coach wasn't happy but asked that the parent at least be asked to leave the gym for his outburst. I couldn't really object to that reasoning, so I had game management make him leave. I don't think the game manager was all that happy with how it played out. Not my best look ever, but I feel like we didn't make a crappy situation worse.

Back to the OP situation. Let's just say that I can't recall another time when we haven't had a single dissenting opinion to a flagrant foul call or no-call. The only thing more sinister than the foul was the lack of courage to DQ the fouler.
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